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I am a Pittsburgh-based wedding photographer who primarily utilizes natural light.

My photos have been described as light and romantic, organic and ethereal, luminous and lovely.  However, above everything else, I want my photos to be unobtrusive and natural.

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My favorite weddings are DIY or different, quirky or beautiful, simple or extravagant, but will always include unique elements that reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. In short, I adore working with couples who simply have strong visions for their weddings.

Whether you decide to exchange your vows barefoot in a field, get married on the banks of a tree-covered river, throw a huge wedding bash in a barn, or elope and get sushi, I love experiencing and photographing exactly what a wedding day means to each of my unique clients!

About The Author

Kelsey Kradel
Owner @ Kelsey Kradel Photography

When I am not creating photos, talking about photos, thinking about photos or looking at photos, I enjoy getting lost in the woods of Western Pennsylvania, exploring this Steel City that I adore, and dreaming of traveling the world photographing people in love.

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    My husband and I are slightly concerned that our apartment may be overly flooded with wedding photos. Kelsey Kradel has such an artistic eye for capturing true moments of love and happiness it is impossible to choose just a few favorite photos! Kelsey is easy to work with and professional. We are so glad to have had Kelsey Kradel as our wedding photographer and plan on reaching out to Kelsey to capture some of life’s other precious moments in the future.