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Phone: 724.747.1784 or 412.952.9483

Professional makeup artists and licensed estheticians specializing in on-location makeup for the lovely bride-to-be.

Our role is to enhance the natural beauty you’re born with. And, to ensure that you have an all-around amazing experience.

After all, it’s your wedding day. You should sit back, relax, and enjoy those mimosas with your besties—and let us pamper you.

As professional makeup artists, we know what colors to use, how to make your skin look flawless (both in person and in photos), and how to make it last all day.

Basically, we’re here to ensure you feel confident and look beautiful (and most importantly, like yourself).

Our motto is “beauty from the inside out” because we want to inspire confidence in women and girls of all ages. There is something seriously powerful about loving yourself for who you are, and using makeup and skincare as a way to simply enhance what’s on the inside on the outside.

In fact, our name embodies this philosophy and represents our grandmothers: two smart, strong, beautiful women that we deeply admired. We knew it was perfect when we found out that “Mina” actually means “lovely”—and to us, you are all “Lovely Roses.”

About The Author

Amanda & Shannon
Co-Owners @ Mina Rose Beauty

Amanda & Shannon: best friends since 6th grade who love makeup and a good dance party. Celebrating the beauty of a confident woman is our mission.