This is part of our series of features in which we interview vendors to find out more about what makes them tick. Up this week, Ashley Giffin of Ashley Giffin Photography.

1. What got you started in your business?

I wanted to get back to what I loved, which was photography, after going astray to try and have a “normal” job. Having had a great grandfather who was a photographer really makes me have a passion for it. The first time you see a photo appear on your paper in a darkroom you become hooked. I knew that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I started a business.

2. What’s your specialty? What kind of weddings do you love to do?

My specialty is being able to capture the little moments. I love weddings that have meaningful details that are unique to the bride and groom. Creative minds make great weddings.

I also love weddings with live music. The vibe of the dance floor is completely different with a live band versus a DJ.

3. Who’s your ideal couple? Why do they love you?

This is a hard question—I love all of my couple for different reasons—but my ideal couple would either be a really mod couple or a couple who is so completely off the wall unique there is no comparing them to anyone. I love couples who just go with the days events in stride. The compliment I get the most from couples I work with is that I don’t make them uncomfortable with my direction while I take photos. I am a pretty laid-back lady who enjoys spending time to get to know her couples which helps with knowing how to direct them during portrait sessions.

4. What’s one thing you wish more couples knew when they started planning their wedding?  Pinterest is not real life.

5. Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a melting pot of so many cultures and lifestyles. The views here are gorgeous also. There are so many different photo locations in the city and surrounding areas that you can do almost anything you want. Warehouses, fields, murals, skylines, alley ways, gardens, buildings that look like castles….Pittsburgh is perfect.

6. What’s your funniest/most stressful/most poignant/most rewarding story or moment in your business so far?

My funniest/craziest story was when i was second shooting a wedding with my friend Rachel. The wedding was a big jewish ceremony at J Verno Studios. During the time of the wedding when the females and males are separated on the dance floor i had my back to the male side and was photographing the female side and the Rabbi made a flying leap across a line of chairs straight into the back of me. I went crashing down and had to be carried off the dance floor crying. The first thing I did was check my camera to see if I got the shot, and I did! I felt like I won a gold medal. At the exact moment this all happened I wasn’t laughing so hard, but now I look back and laugh so much about the entire situation.

7. Boxers or briefs?  Depends on who is wearing them.

Learn more about Ashley on her Hitchburgh profile.

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