Thanks for your interest in Hitchburgh! We are hell-bent on gathering together the most imaginative wedding vendors to create the most compelling wedding experiences in town.

Hitchburgh was developed by members of the artisan wedding community to support the work of independent Pittsburgh wedding vendors. In addition to connecting vendors with brides seeking artisan, personalized weddings, Hitchburgh hopes to create a supportive and strong network of local business owners.

Member Criteria

Interested? Hitchburgh vendors should meet the following criteria:

  • Support local, complementary small businesses. Are you locally owned and operated? Do you support other local businesses by using them as suppliers and sending them referrals? Building a community around small, local businesses is what Hitchburgh is all about. For venues, your food and beverage programs should support our members work and allow Hitchburgh couples to create custom, local food and drink menus.
  • Have a unique product or service. Are your products handmade, or do they come from local sources or craftspeople? What makes you different?
  • Be referred by an existing Hitchburgh member. We want to know that you are dependable and do quality work so that we can put our full weight and trust in the recommendations we make to our customers.
  • Have a digital presence. A website or Facebook page is a minimum. We focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and if you’re active in all those places, that’s great!

Membership Benefits & Responsibilities

If you’re accepted as a Hitchburgh vendor, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • A listing, customized with your information and pictures, in the Hitchburgh vendor directory.
  • An introductory interview post on the Hitchburgh blog.
  • Two additional trend articles per year on the Hitchburgh blog, which you are responsible for authoring. (You have the opportunity to contribute more articles if you like writing, but you are required to submit at least two.)
  • Your business will be featured in our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and included in regular email blasts to our list of local couples interested in artisan weddings.
  • The opportunity to apply to participate in a Hitchburgh Hullabaloo event (held quarterly).
  • You’ll be the first to know about partner events, including I Made It! Hitchburgh.
  • You’ll be included in unique opportunities for vendor networking and collaboration with other Hitchburgh members.


The annual membership fee is $100. There will be an additional $50 fee if you participate in a Hullabaloo to cover marketing expenses for that event.

Application Review

To apply, complete our application form. You can apply at any time, but we evaluate applications twice a year, with deadlines on April 15 and October 15. You can expect it to take about 30 days after the deadline for us to evaluate applications and get back to you.


Q: How did you come up with this list of vendors? How do vendors get evaluated?
A: Our list of vendors is intentionally small and curated so that we can make solid, trustworthy recommendations to people getting married. We consider applicants who have worked with another Hitchburgh vendor before and come with good recommendations.
Q: What types of vendors do you accept?
A: You can view our current categories of vendors to get a good idea. Your business should provide one or more of the goods or services in these categories with a unique, local, or artisan slant, and be actively involved in using those for weddings.
Q: What if I’m just starting out or I don’t know any Hitchburgh members to get a referral?
A: We do require that someone in the Hitchburgh community vouch for your work, but have no fear. If you don’t know anyone in Hitchburgh, we organize regular networking events and would love to get to know you better. Please hop on our email list so that you receive word on the next one!
Q: What about wedding planners?
A: We love wedding planners! Of course, you are very welcome to apply for membership to be listed in the directory and contribute articles to the blog. For our Hullabaloo events, we don’t have a great way to show off the talents of wedding planners to brides and grooms. We do reserve some spots at each Hitchburgh Hullabaloo for wedding professionals to come and meet other vendors to develop relationships, and there are other vendor networking opportunities as well. Since as a wedding planner a big part of your job is having relationships with vendors, we think Hitchburgh membership can be a very valuable experience.