Thanks for all the fun!

Hitchburgh was a collaboratory wedding event that gathered together some of the best local wedding vendors in Pittsburgh. We had a lot of fun bringing about the great events you can view on this site.

As our businesses have taken off, our time to devote to Hitchburgh has gotten leaner and leaner, so it's on hiatus. Meanwhile, you can still check out the great past events and vendors that were part of Hitchburgh.

The Hitchburgh Hullabaloo

Your style isn't cookie-cutter and your wedding shouldn't be either. Handcrafted, locally sourced weddings, just for you.

You started planning your wedding. You talked to a few vendors and felt like you were shopping from a wedding catalog where everyone has the same choices.

We're not those kind of wedding vendors. We're looking for couples who want something different. Something uniquely you. We get bored doing the same wedding over and over.

Hitchburgh hosts a series of artisan wedding shows, by invitation only, to explore creative, custom-made wedding ideas. You've got choices. Find out more.